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Anna C

This place is so much more than just a gym. It's a place where I've made friends I've come to think of as family. It's where I've felt defeat as well as victory. The staff is wonderful...Knowledgeable and supportive. I can do things I never thought possible when I first started. I would recommend ANYONE of ANY ability come on in and give it a try. It won't be easy but it will be one of the best decisions you make. 
I have been a member of Sparta Fitness and Martial Arts for over 2 and a half years as of this post. It's a great workout in a very fun and supportive environment. I've always been an active person but never really considered myself athletic. But,I'm proud to say that is changing!  I have been a member of many gyms but always ended up wasting money, because after the initial few weeks I would get bored, or just lack the motivation to keep going. At Sparta i have gained so many friends and the atmosphere is very inclusive so it's very reinforcing to just show up! The workouts can be tailored to anyone regardless of ability. Truly something for everyone. I highly recommend giving it a try!
Wenz T

I have been weight training since my teens, and before coming to Sparta, took a 1 year gym hiatus to run and work out in my garage. I tried Sparta through a Groupon with my wife and have been hooked ever since. The instructors are motivational and fit, the fellow Spartans I have come to know are a great group of people, and the workouts are always fun, challenging and different. The functional fitness that is fostered at Sparta makes me feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. Go Sparta!! 
Lauryn D

I've been working out/lifting weights for about 11 years. I was looking to change up my routine and challenge myself. Sparta is absolutely amazing! They have pushed me to do things I never thought I could. I've become stronger not only physically, but mentally! Even if you are a beginner, this is the perfect place! And not to mention, they are the most reasonably priced gym within the entire Tampa Bay area. Highly recommended!
Margie N

I never thought that walking through those doors 4 years ago that my life was about to change significantly. Sparta and the philosophy of functional fitness was both intimidating and enlightening. Most of all I gravitated to the family atmosphere that is displayed through the owners, Papa Joe and Mrs. Rena and the trainers, KOS, MJ, Dominic and Mr. Joey. The adage "you get what you give" defines Sparta Martial Arts and Fitness. The workouts are tough and challenging and it would be very easy to say "I can't", "It's too hard" and/or "I give up". The owner/operators live what they preach and are encouraging, motivating and great a** kickers. 
Danny G

Sparta is hands down the best!  The training, experience and dedication of the staff (Ms. Rena, Papa Joe) and instructors (Master Diaz, Master Jess, Kika and Mr. Joey) make this gym a great experience for everyone. We have learned so much regarding self-defense and fitness. My daughters have gained confidence and made several friends.  As a single parent I really appreciate and enjoy having a place where I can workout while my girls are getting in their exercise and martial arts training. I have also shopped around other gyms and not only do they charge less but they don't lock you in with a contract. I recommend you come visit and join the Sparta Family...if you dare!!
Trisha L

Don't let the outside appearance of the building fool you into thinking you don't belong here. All fitness levels are welcome, modifications can be made for any issue. It is by far the most fun I have ever had working out, and I'm seeing results I never expected.
April G

I have been a member of Sparta Fitness and Martial Arts for just over 7 years. When I started, I had about 30lbs to lose. I started out modifying almost all the exercises. I never thought I'd be at the level of performance that many of the other members were at. However, despite getting my butt handed to me in workouts and being very sore, I became addicted. With the help and motivation of the staff and and the other members, I have since become stronger than I ever believed possible, achieved feats I never imagined, and have become a part of a family. Sparta has not only made me a stronger person physically but mentally as well. The staff at Sparta is truly driven by helping mold the members into better versions of themselves. They always do what is best for the members and stay true to their values. Long Live Sparta!
Jester L

Fantastic staff! Fantastic members! Fantastic results!
My first six months here I've experienced 13 pounds of lean gain and 62 pounds of fat burned/cried/sweated off. I’ve been at so many gyms you can play solitaire with my stack of membership cards. I’ve done every “diet” you can name. And nothing, NOTHING has brought me even a quarter of the way that Sparta has. The owners/instructors, every single one of them are PHENOMENAL people. Serious, dedicated, focused yes; but more impressively when coupled with those attributes: approachable, supportive and even funny! Between members there exists an all-too-rare sense of community. Everyone seems to be interested in each others progress. Nobody asked me to write this. I’m not on the payroll. I did drink the Kool-Aid though! Come get some! There’s plenty left! Thanks Sparta!!!
Ali W

Having experience with multiple personal trainer and gyms in the past I can confidently say this place takes the cake! Incredible people and stellar workouts that push you to be your best. Love the variety of the fit and fight classes, and that I can get personal sessions with the amazing trainers when I need more support! Sparta ROCKS!!
Amy & Chris K

Sparta changed the way I thought about fitness. I was stuck in a rut and not seeing any results with my previous regimen. I immediately saw changes in my body and my fitness level after just a few weeks. Their program is varied and I never feel bored. The classes always start on time and I love the vibe there. 
Sparta has been great for me and my family.  It's great atmosphere with a great focus. I highly recommend Sparta to improve your fit, your fight, and your flex.
Kristin S

I have been a member of Sparta for a little over 3 years and absolutely love it there. I love it so much, that I choose to be a member there over several other similar type gyms, that are in a much closer proximity of where I live/work. It is a family owned gym and the owners and trainers truley care about their members. Since I don't have family in Tampa or nearby, this atmosphere and "family like" feel is something I love and look forward to every day. Sparta's trainers are amazing and will help you reach whatever your goal(s) might be. The long time members of Sparta are also really nice, helpful and encouraging. Over the last 3 years, I have become so much stronger, mentally and physically, and have made some pretty great friends within the "sparta family" along the way. The trainers have taught me not to doubt myself and that with hard work, I can meet my goals. Their workouts are different every day which keeps things fun and interesting.  Wherever you may be on your fitness journey (new, coming back from a haitius, or looking to take things to the next level), come to Sparta! You won't be disappointed.